Certified coaching is for executives and organizations looking to elevate achievement in high stakes environments. Reach new levels of success on the path to mastery by digging deep to expand yourself and your business.

Work with me to train yourself and your company in the most current and effective mindset skills to unlock the greatest potential and access world-class leadership capabilities. We will combine current best practices in positive psychology, mindfulness, meditation, and neurobiology to bolster productivity and profitability.

This approach differs from therapy. If you want a more detailed distinction between executive coaching and traditional therapy click here.
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“Growth comes from discomfort. So the question isn’t if you are going to struggle and get stuck again, but what happens when you’re faced with the next uncomfortable feeling? How do you empower yourself to lean in and learn more about yourself?”

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Our first few sessions together will be an evaluation period to figure out if we are a good fit. It is extremely important that you feel comfortable with the executive coach you choose.

All of the forms you need for our first meeting can be found on the Resources page. Please bring copies with you.


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