Family life triggers a mix of powerful feelings for all family members. These emotions include joy and happiness as well as fear, anxiety, and depression. Working together with your family members is a dynamic and effective way to help everyone become aware of how they are showing up in relationships.

We will collaborate to pinpoint strengths and identify stressors so you can make necessary adjustments to move towards a place of strength, knowledge, and comfort. You’ll build skills that you need for better, more satisfying connections with others.

“When people allow themselves to show up as their whole, messy, dirty, scared selves, that’s when the work starts. That’s where the rubber meets the road and we can start to talk about what comes next. And while this is not fast, easy, or fun, the journey is worthwhile and meaningful, ultimately allowing people to connect with themselves and others.” 

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You are welcome to fill out the form on my Contact pageemail me directly, or call me at (202) 415-4236. 

Our first few sessions together will be an evaluation period to figure out if we are a good fit. It is extremely important that you feel comfortable with the therapist you choose.

All of the forms you need for our first meeting can be found on the Resources page. Please bring copies with you.


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