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“Shift your direction.

Change your destination.”

I take a holistic approach to understand the whole person in their particular system. Whether in my work with Executive Teams, or Couples, we use history and present situations to create a powerful path towards success.

Psychotherapy for Couples

Couples therapy offers partners an opportunity to address the difficult aspects of relationships that seem to repeat endlessly.

Through working together couples can strengthen their bonds as they face communication difficulties, major life transitions, infidelity, or other adversities.

I specialize in working with people from all walks of life who are stressed, sad, or lonely despite countless attempts to move from that position. I am warm, caring, and non-judgmental. I’m active and down-to-earth, working from a holistic approach to create a curative environment.

Executive Leadership Coaching

Executive Coaching is for leaders and organizations looking to elevate achievement in high stakes environments.

Work with me to master effective mindset skills to unlock the greatest potential and access world-class leadership capabilities.

Reach new levels of success on the path to mastery by digging deep to expand yourself and your business.

We will combine current best practices in positive psychology, mindfulness, meditation, and neurobiology to bolster productivity and profitability.

Book A Presentation

Unlock the full potential of your team and organization with a workshop or keynote presentation. I bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. My approach emphasizes promoting engagement through developing a positive workplace culture, empowering individuals, and mastering the art of asking good questions.

Together, we’ll enhance leadership effectiveness, drive organizational success, and create an environment where every member of your team thrives. Elevate your leadership journey and transform your organization with my tailored coaching presentations.

Examples of the workshops that I’ve offered focus on:

  • leadership performance
  • navigating complicated conversations
  • performance optimization
  • energy budgeting
  • fostering individual, team, and leadership growth

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